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Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions by our brides and grooms. Should you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 402-694-3034 or click here.

Are candles allowed in the decorations?

Yes. Candles can be used, but they are limited to votive candles only. We provide many options to help with lighting of your space.

Are you allowed to have a DJ/Band?

Yes, we encourage you to have a DJ or a band.

How late can our event go?

All events must be completed by 1 AM.

Is parking available?

A large parking lot is in front of our facility which is available exclusively for the us of The Leadership Center guests.

Is smoking allowed?

The Leadership Center is a non-smoking facility. This includes vapor and e-cigarettes. However, there are designated areas outside.

Can I have the flowers/cake/rentals delivered ahead of time? Can I leave them for pick-up the next day/business day?

Generally all items must be delivered and picked-up the same day as the event, as to not interfere with other events. Special arrangements can be made as events allow. However, if your party rents Wedeking for the weekend of your event, items can be kept in there for the weekend.

Is there a dressing room/gathering room available?

No. However, we have guest rooms that are available for renting or Wedeking can be rented for a bridal suite/gathering room.

Can we use our own caterer or do you require a specific caterer?

We have a wonderful Chef on property that prepares all of our food! They creates some amazing displays and we recommend you view pictures of their creations. No temperature sensitive foods or beverages can be brought on grounds. However, we don't provide the cake for weddings, so that is something that can be brought in for your event.

Can I bring in alcohol?

Yes. The Leadership Center can't sell or distribute alcohol. A liquor permit has to be acquired by the person/bar that will be serving. A copy of the license must be give to the office and a copy must be displayed where the alcohol is being served. We also require the use of a licensed server. In addition management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time and may shut down the event if deemed necessary.

Why do I need a liquor permit?

Nebraska state law requires a liquor permit when any alcohol is to be served at an event.

Do you provide plates, silverware, glasses, etc?

Yes, we provide all necessary dinnerware.

What sizes are the tables provided?

Our inventory includes 60" rounds which can seat 8 people, plus  8'x30' and 8X18' banquet tables.

Do you provide linens/napkins/chair covers?

The Leadership Center has limited numbers of table linens and chair covers. However, we can rent table linens, as well as, linen napkins for your event. We have a variety of linen napkin colors to choose from.

What color are your chairs?

We have tan color padded chairs.

Can I come in early/the night before to set-up?

Set-up time is part of the contracted event time. If you wish to come in the night before, you are welcome to contact the office and discuss your options.

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